Friday, October 21, 2011

Handmade Christmas presents

I know it a little early for Christmas presents but let's talk about how to impress your friends and family with something you've made with your own hands.

Of course, on Pinterest ( :D ) there are a lot of great tutorials even for those who don't sew.
Let's see.....

1. Felt dahlia flowers (tutorial)

You can make this in every size you like and use them on headbands, scarves, bobypins and so much more if you let your imagination flow.

2. A no-sew flower (tutorial)

Just like the felt dahlia flower you can use this on almost everything.
I've made something similar to this a while ago and I made a tutorial too. I will post it soon.

3. The packaging (tutorial)
Of course you need a package your your gift. Why not try this eco-recycled bag?

These are so easy to make and if you don't like the newspaper look you can always paint them :)

4. Packaging for small presents
I had to post was love at first sight :D
I will try it soon.

You'll find the template here and the tutorial here.

Until next time, happy crafting :*

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