Monday, March 11, 2013

From me to YOU... : nails

I keep seeing on other blogs little series for things to blog about and that inspired me: I'm starting my own little series and it's called "From me to YOU...". It will be about things I see, I love, I want to own and to do, and a lot of inspiration.

And so this is the first post of this series and it will be about nails and nail art.
If you are a new reader you may not now that I have a little passion about nail art and I love to keep my nails healthy and beautiful. Here is a post with the nail art I did in the past.

So here is the inspiration for today.

it also has a tutorial. I love the tutorials at TBD

that's a nice way to combine water marble with dots

dots, dots, dots and more dots

this is so cute


you need a lot of patience to do this



I never thought of doing the tree with water marble

And now 2 that brighten up my day (it's rainy here).

Until next time.
Love and kisses, 

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