Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Little things I DIYed for the wedding

So...there are some thing I made for the wedding, only a few.......If it were for me I would've DIYed the whole wedding *smiley face*
And here they are:

 the glasses in the middle were for the bride and groom and the other 2 were for our godparents 

 a little embellishment for the cake knife 

the pillow for the rings 

the garter :D

the box for the money envelopes 
(our custom is that guests at the wedding give money instead of gifts)

gave the flower baskets a little color as they were to plain

added a little something for the veil because it didn't match the dress

and I had my mani and pedi done in corresponding colors

Well, I had a lot of fun making all the little details and I hope you like them.

Until next time, 
Love and kisses, 

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