Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pencil skirt

I've always wanted a pencil skirt that looked good on me but I never found one in the shops. Then burda 2/2011 came out an a pattern caught my eye. It was not your ordinary pencil skirt, it had a twist and I fell in love.

It was the pattern no. 103 from burda 2/2011. I made a few alterations as I don't have long legs and I'm not that skinny: cut it shorter and removed the fold in the back because it was too puffy.

I liked this striped fabric and it was the last piece of it. And it looks great because the stripes highlight the detail in the back.
And from the scraps I also made a bow. I usually wear it under my bun to give it a twist.

I hope you like it.

Well, until next time, 
Love and kisses, 

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