Friday, June 7, 2013

Black Burda jacket

Hy guys...I now I've been writing so few posts in the past 2 months but I've been preparing a lot of stuff for you guys: some tutorials, trying to redesign my blog (and learning some html in the same time), crocheting some things for my shop and a lot of researching on Pinterest :D (I'm addicted to Pinterest what can I say).

In the meantime, while the tutorials are ready for blogging I let you with some cute buttons I received from a friend of mine from Greece and a jacket I made last year and I didn't blog about it...

aren't they cute? 
I'm still debating on whatever to use them on a blouse or on a skirt...
any ideas?

And here's the jacket. I made it using the pattern #126 from Burda magazine 02/2011 and it was my first sewn jacket.

The photos doesn't do it justice...geez it's hard to photograph black.

And here is a photo of the pattern,

I only omitted the chest pocket and did the rest as the pattern said. Althou they are not from the same fabric, this jacket makes a great pair with my black office pants

Well, until next time, 
Love and kisses, 

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