Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Gifts in a jar

I've seen a lot of ideas over on Pinterest for Christmas gifts, but what catched my eyes was the "gift in a jar" category.
They are so cute.......
And you can put everything in them from parts of recipes, scrubs to already baked pies. The coolest thing is that you can decorate the jars in sooooo many ways.
I will link what I stumbled upon until now and most of these recipes for gifts in jars have printable templates for decorating them....

1. On "The Pretty Blog", Sam posted a nice recipe and printables for caramel and nougat cheesecake.
2. Laurie at "Tip Junkie" worked and collected a list of 48 Homemade gifts in a jar. Go her way and check it out.
3 . Sara at "Our Best Bites" has a great recipe for single serving pie in a jar.
4. Here you can find a beefy bean soup mix in a jar.
5. For the friends who like to sew this is a great idea. 
6. "The beauty department" has a great recipe for lemon hand scrub in a jar. This recipe uses salt but there are a lot of other recipes that use sugar, white or brown. You can just experiment and use the one you like.
7. Over at "Texas Cottage" you can find a list for 10 Christmas gifts in a jar. There are a lot of gifts and even stuff that you can use for you too. My two favorites are the Cowgirl cookies and the vanilla extract. I will definitively try those two.....
 I hope you enjoyed my post and become inspired to give the ones you love gifts made with love.
Until next time, love and kisses, 

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