Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last month

Hello fellow bloggers,
I know I haven't been posting in the last month but I've had a very busy month: searching for the wedding dress, experimenting with a little nail polish, making small bags and trinkets for our celebration of the beginning of spring, experimenting with paper quilling, I've been busy with wedding arrangements and I've launched my shop both on blogger and facebook.
As for my shop, I'm kinda afraid to make a etsy account (I really don't know why, maybe because of their terms and conditions, I don't fully understand them yet) so I made another blog with all my products. Momentarily it's only for Romania only but you are invited to take a look if you want :D
The address is aida-hba.blogspot.com 
I don't want to fill this post with a lot of photos from the past month so I will post separately for every event. So  stay tuned :*

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