Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY sewing helpers

Hy guys, sorry for being AWOL these days but Pinterest got me hooked. I found some good inspiration and some new things to do.
I found out that you can make your own tailor's ham and sausage, and I did mine. Here's for the road to professional sewing!!!!!!
A tailor's ham is used when pressing curved seams (ex. bust seam) and the tailor's sausage is for sliping into a sleeve to pres open the seam (at any point where your seam won't lay flat).

Here are mine and here is the tutorial if you want to make your own.
I filled these with wood chips that I use for my gerbil (lemon scented ones, good smell too :D ) and at the store I was like "1 kilo of this stuff is not gonna be enough....hmm... how about 4 kilos, and if I have some left I will surely found something else to stuff". That was a not so good idea...I still have left 3,5 kilos of wood chips and nothing else to stuff with them..... In the end I think the 1 kilo package was more than enough. So don't do the same mistake I did. Here's the proof.

And because I had some fabric scraps left I made some matching weights for when I cut my patterns.

I filled these with small gravel. And they are easy to make.
Here's to you on your road to a professional sewing!!!

Until next time, 
Love and kisses, 


Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips

I need these, so thank you. And the weights are a great idea.

Natasha said... Best Blogger Tips

They looks really good. Some day I will make my own :)

Aida said... Best Blogger Tips

@Natasha I'm glad you like them. And if you do your own please share. I would like to see them. Kisses

foxy said... Best Blogger Tips

Cool! Great job. love the weights idea, much better than pantry items I have used before!

Renee Withers said... Best Blogger Tips

Hi do you have any advice on how to get the ham's super tight? You did a great job on yours!

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