Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Laurel sewing contest

Today I want to tell you about a great contest that Sarai from Colette patterns has just launched in honor of her new pattern "Laurel".

Laurel is a very great pattern, it's like a canvas for your ideas. It's a basic shape dress that you can turn into a blouse with or without sleeves, a dress with or without sleeves, with pencil or fluffy bottom, I think you can even turn it into o pencil skirt if you are a not so novice seamstress. All in all it's a great pattern for those who are beginners and also for those who want to take their ideas and designs a step further.
Everyone can enter the contest, there are 6 categories you can choose from or enter for all of them and if you look at it the other way, even if you don't win something you'll still have a new addition to your wardrobe.
Ohhh, I forgot about the prizes.....there are some great and big prizes and it's definitely worth it.
You can go over to Sarai's post for more details about the contest, the categories and the prizes.

I am also announcing that I am going to take part of the contest so if you'll see fewer posts from me you'll know why :D. And knowing me, I want to enter in all the categories and I hope that I will pull it of. More categories, more chances to win something....
I already got my pattern, I put it together yesterday and today I will do a muslin for the fit and for future alterations.

So stay tuned. I will post something as soon as I can.
Until then,
Love and kisses,

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