Friday, March 8, 2013

Things I would like to own - clothes

I LOVE clothes!!!! Well, which girl doesn't ?! 
Sooooo, for us girls out there here are a few interesting thing I found on Pinterest that I would love to own, but not all of them 'cause I don't have were to wear them :D  (BTW does anyone knows some emoticons that I can use for my posts? I would like that instead of this :D to appear a small smiley face :D )

this is so nice......I'm speechless

this is so cool !!!!!!!!!

I like this combo but I love the dress....and it's so easy to make, if I find the right fabric

I found this on facebook and I fell in love with the skirt. 
I will DIY it for sure

I wish I had long skinny legs.....hmmmmm.......

it's so pretty I want to frame it to have something to gaze to every day

really nice pastels

found this on facebook too....

I'm drooling....

...well, now I am officially drooling

well, what to pair with this.... :?

the blazer color is nice and the details on the blouse shoulders give the whole outfit "the touch"

WOW, I was just scrolling up and saw the length of this post and I think it's time to cut it short....but I found this in only 15 minutes on pinterest and I stayed about an hour and it's not fair I wanna share ALL.....I think I will post the rest another time :D

Until next time.
Love and kisses, 

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