Monday, April 29, 2013

Colatte Laurel dress (sarafan)

Well, it time to reveal the dress with the detail on the neckline that I showed you in last week's sneak preview.

It's an entry in the Laurel contest for the fall category because it's a thicker fabric and it's suited for fall and for spring to be worn over a shirt or something with longer sleeves.

I made little modifications on the pattern for this dress and it was ready in 2 days. Really easy to sew pattern once you don't do so many alterations.

I'm pleased on how it turned out and the detail on the neckline took me about 5 hours to make but it was worth it. It's the WOW factor on a simple dress. 

The back it's made from 3 pieces because I had a little incident with the iron and I didn't have enough fabric to cut another back panel, but all in all the dress turned some eyes on the street and it's the only one in the whole world.

Hope you like it, love and kisses, 

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