Monday, April 29, 2013

The Laurel with moustaches

Finally my last entry to the Laurel contest. It's for the self designed category, it took about 2 days to paint, wash and dry and about a day to sew and I am realy proud of it.

So enough talk, let's bring the pictures.

 of course I have to talk while my picture is being taken :*)

 And now let's get you through the proces of making those cute moustaches .... hihi.... I'm so thrilled because it turned out so nice, it sorta has a 40's feel.

OK, so first find yourself some sticky vinil (I have some left after I covered all the doors in the apartment), draw the pattern piece on and guide yourself with the lines on the back to draw the moustaches on. Here's a snapshot.

if you look closely you'll se the moustaches

Then take some time to cut out all the took me about 5 hours to cut them all out.

Lay out your pattern piece on a flat surface, peel the back paper of the vinil and try to stick it evenly on your fabric. I layed a garbage bag under my fabric so I can sponge the fabric paint on without any wories.

Follow the instruction of your specific fabric paint. I used LeFranc&Bourgeois DecoTextil fabric paint in 323 Passion red and 270 Night black and the instructions were: prewash the fabric, sponge it, leave it to dry for 24 hours, iron at 150 degrees for 5 minutes on the back of the fabric, wash inside out at 40 degrees, and then was ready to sew.

Here is my painted piece, washed and dried and ready to sew.

So, I got you throught the process and I hope you like the finished result. I know I do :D

And to finish it of, my nails today, mint and polka dots.

Guys I'll see you next week because on the 5th of may it's Easter and I'm going home to celebrate with my family and friends.

Until next week, love and kisses, 

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Very cool! Thanks for sharing your process.

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