Monday, December 19, 2011


Because one of my colleagues really loved the cloudy brooch I made a few weeks ago, I decided to make her a variation of that I came up with the sunny brooch.
And while I was making it I thought that it will make a really nice couple with the nighty-night know....with a moon I made another one.
So, untill the end of last week I had a complete set of cloudly brooches....
They really looked pretty together....But since the cloudly brooch was made for my grandma and I didn't get myself to give the sunny brooch and the nighty-night brooche separately, so I gave them both to my colleague as a Christmas present.
Ohhh boy.....she really loved them and started wearing the sunny brooch right away.
I was so proud of myself :) and I was really happy that I could make somebody smile a whole day....

So now I bid you lots of kisses and love,

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