Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas gifts part I

This month I worked a lot for my handmade x-mass gifts. I did all the gifts, the cards, wrappings, packages....I only bought the jars from IKEA and some brooch pins.
You can find here, here, here and here my progres with the Christmas gifts.
So in this post I'll tell you about the x-mass card.
I made 16 of them, but I already gave some of them and I didn't got to take photos. So you'll manage with what I have left :D

And of course every card has his own envelope in a matching color.... 
....and both the card and the envelope have my unique logo stamp...

I found the envelope template here and I printed it on coloured paper and then cut, cut, cut away.....for a few hours :(  But it turned out very pretty.

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That's it for now.....stay tunned for part II


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