Saturday, December 3, 2011

X-mass is coming.....

So......this year I'm planning to make all the Christmas presents, cards, wrappings and everything else.
I've already got my list: cookies in a jar, mocha cocoa in a jar and sugar scrubs. You can find the recipes here.
But I like to give out things I like too, so I tested the cookies in a jar recipe a few days ago and they turned out great (devoured in about 2 hours and they are sooooooo good with milk). They were so good that I had requests to make another batch today, and I did   :D
Anyways here are some photos of the first batch, because today's batch was for my sister in law B'day party and were out before I could take pictures.....

I already put the ingredients in the jars, but I'll come with picture tomorrow. 
I also tested the sugar scrub and it would do a great gift for the ladies :)
I'll come back tomorrow with a new post with all the jars and gifts, now I'm struggling with the X-mass cards :)))))))
a little sneak preview :P
Well, kisses and work hard on those handmade Christmas presents :*

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