Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Progress and inspiration

So, here I am, blogging about my inspiration and progress on Colette's sewing contest. As I mentioned before in my post there are 5 main categories and I want to enter them all.

And with 3 weeks to go and 3 garments to make I really have to rush things a bit. Hubby and I were down with a nasty cold for more than a week and that set me back some good quality sewing time. But we're better now and let the sewing begin!!

I already have modified the pattern for my first garment and I plan to enter it in the following categories: "laurel print", "laurel color" and "laurel detail". But first the inspiration and then the journey of the pattern.....

I was looking for inspiration and I saw this ensemble on Facebook and I fell in love with the blouse and I thought "with the Laurel pattern and a few adjustments I can totally do that".....How foolish of me.....It took me about a week (with the cold and all), a chopped up blouse (to see how the collar was made), some mathematical calculations and a couple of muslins until the collar was how I wanted it to be, but in the end I was glorious....I finally did the pattern for this type of blouse.

And now all the pieces are cut up, starched and ready to sew. But I can't sew it yet because I'm all out of interfacing and I'm anxiously waiting for the paycheck :))))

This is going to be a very hard project for me because I choose to make this blouse out of some floral blueish see-trough chiffon and chiffon is very, very slippery, hence the starching.
I do not have a pic for the fabric but I will add one as soon as I get around to it.
*EDIT* Here is a quick preview at the fabric and the pattern pieces all ready to be sewed up.

The fabric, because is with a print, will be nicely integrated in the "laurel print" category, the collar and the buttons will be for the "laurel detail" category and I plan on doing some very deep blue pipping or bias binding around the collar and the sleeves so it will be for the "laurel color"and "laurel detail" category.

So one blouse for 3 categories. Now for the remaining 2 categories.

For the "laurel fall"category I plan on making a dress with 3/4 sleeves. Here is my inspiration photo.

I found this photo on Pinterest a long time ago and I fell in love with the detail on the neck line.

I have a grayish cozy fabric that I think will go great with the pattern. I think I will add some darts in the front so it will be more fitted and skip the waistband, a slit on the back, a 3/4 sleeve and I plan to make it fully lined because the fabric is a little itchy on the skin.

And for this design I will shoot two ducks with one garment: "laurel detail"and "laurel fall".

And with that there were 4 categories and 1 more to go: the "laurel self designed" category that involves self designing the fabric (screen print, painted, printed etc.).

I always wanted to have a garment with moustaches on it so for this category I plan on stamping some black moustaches on some white fabric. But that might change along the way as I usually change my mind about things, but it will definitely be stamped fabric. I still don't have a clue about what I will do for this category....I might leave the pattern as it is and do a simple Laurel or I might change it a bit......I really don't know.... But one thing is for sure: when I will have something planned for this category you will definitely be the first to know.

Wow, that's a lot of blabbering for one post so I will stop here.....

Until next time,
Love and kisses,

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