Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas gifts part II part II we're gonna talk about packaging (see part I here).
First of all I made some boxes out of some carboard and wrapped them in magazine pages with nice photos....
This boxes were for the Christmas cookies jars.
Then I made a lot of paper bows....
 ...using this tutorial here and I printed some nice patterns from here. The only this I did was to make them smaller....I just cutted 2.5 cm off four, 5 cm off three, and 7.5 cm off three and they turned out just the right size.
For the smaller gifts I made paper bags, better said calendar bags (I used pages from this year's calendar I had) using this tutorial here but I adjusted the bag size to my needs.......
......and finally for the handmade brooches and other even smaller gifts I made small origami boxes using the tutorial from my post here.
And of course I stamped everything I could :D

Stay tuned for part III: new handmade gifts and more labels on the small scrub jars.
Kisses and lots of love,

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